XS: Young Studio Collection

The XS: Young Collection was curated by GRAPHIC, a quarterly magazine published by Propaganda. While many young Korean designers today question what is considered right or wrong in designing with Hangul, this event served as a reminder to attendees that there is never a right way or wrong way to design. The designers approached their work in a way that reminds us of just how prevalent design is in our daily lives. The visual landscape is much more bold and colorful compared to past years where designers were much more restrictive.

The event invited 44 graphic designers to a venue-turned-post office. The first floor was designated to process work and typographic poster filled walls alongside illustrations, and other small print materials while the second floor was being primed for the main design superstars of the event. Dok Ho Shin, Studio Mim, Everyday Practice, Studio Plat, Kim Garden, and Ordinary People were some of the notable participants.



The event highlighted three designers: Studio Gomin, Sang Mi Yang, and Gu Ho Kim.
They discussed the relationship between the digital world along with the possibilities that come with it and the modern world. They stressed the importance of concepting an idea before moving onto the physical act of designing. These methods helped them achieve a diverse mix of illustrations and infographics that shaped their personal branding and identity.

To quote Sang Mi Yang, “I got interested in design at my previous job that dealt with a lot of numbers. Creating designs with that same logical detail and mathematical mindset in my work was another approach that brought a personal quality and an element of intrigue.”