Recap of Typojanchi 2015

For those uninformed, Typojanchi is an international biennial event that is solely devoted to typography held at Culture Station Seoul 284 in Seoul, Korea. 2015 marks the 4th Typojanchi with “Typography in the City” as the overarching theme. It points out just how ubiquitous typography is in the urban environment and how it’s now considered a fundamental component in bringing meaning to the city.


In the keyword, ‘C( )T( )’, two empty spaces were intentionally left blank that connects the viewer to something they have lost or desired in the city. It’s left to the user to fill in the blanks and creates a different meaning for every person. It puts more weight on people’s backgrounds, their consciousness, and the unpredictable expression as human beings.

The exhibition reinterprets Jongno Street which is the epicentre of massive traffic signs, store signs, billboards, and noisy corridors riddled with unassuming typographic pieces. Before entering the exhibition hall, people were required to complete a short survey about their neighborhood which was then awarded with a guidebook, badge, and newsletter. The works in the first hall stood comedy storyboards with a number of quotes from tv shows, movies, and games that were used to evoke nostalgia regardless of age. The interior of this room was a great touch to complete the oldies feel.



Typojanchi is the world’s only typography biennial event that brought together 91 designers from 22 countries this year. Designers from various nationalities enabled audiences to experience how typography can form unique personalities of cities from all over the globe. The appreciation of typography is universal and it engages us to really see the city we live in. The event utilized a variety of mediums from analog to digital and it welcomed designers and non-designers alike to open their eyes to how typographically saturated our lives are.


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