Typojanchi 2015: Urban Wordplay

Text plays a vital part in our everyday lives, the printed word, email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services allow millions of words to be exchanged over the earth in the blink of an eye…no longer are flesh and blood indicators of a human being, but rather thoughts, opinions, data, bytes that define a person. The immaterial has replaced the material in defining the existence of man.


In this view, language, or more specifically the written word (text) takes on an additional layer of meaning, not only as a method of delivery but as a meaning in itself. The direction of this exhibition looks at text and how it forms, infiltrates, thrives and carries meaning into its own context by approaching the words from an aesthetic viewpoint. The lifecycle of a word, and how that word is used in a socio—cultural setting to ultimately define the sender of such words is the focal point of conjecture.


The urban landscape is the perfect environment for such experimentation and pondering, giving a real time reaction to the context of words and their meaning(s). In line with this thinking, all of these text-experiments will be further considered in a more hands-on application. The work itself does not hang from a wall in a decorative golden frame, nor does it separate itself with a wide berth between the audiences. The work itself is applied to everyday objects that further enhance the meaning of the work. A plastic bag, ashtray, apartment keys, a broken neon sign serve to further enhance the meaning of text.

Words: Fritz Park