Pokémon in Korean

Originally from Japan, Pokémon’s names translate comfortably into Korean with an English twist. Though, there are a few names that remain the same in all languages (think Pikachu).Many take influence from the animals these creatures are akin to, the same is found with the Korean Pokémon names. A few are the same or similar to Japanese while many sound like animals in Korean.

You’ll also find that some names hark back to historical figures. It’s interesting to see how, even back in the late 90’s, these names differed by region to stay culturally relevant.

English even influences a handful of the Korean names. This would sound a bit redundant in English but in this context it makes complete sense as these words sound foreign.

We’ve translated the original 150 Pokémon below, so enjoy!

Hantype Pokemon 03


Want more? See all of the Korean names (without translation) from our source at Bulbapedia.

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  • Annabelle

    This is so neat! I’m guessing the Pokemon with a ~ underneath are the same name in Japanese?

    • Some of the ones marked with a ~ are the same in Japanese and some are just names that sound cute with no meaning in Korean.

      Thanks for bringing that up Annabelle!