Calendars Made in Korea

In light of the recent Lunar New Year, we celebrate the fact that New Year’s Day is a blessing because we get to make that long, hopeful, ’this time for real’ resolution list hoping to live as a better person. Koreans start planning for their bright new future by getting a new calendar. The type of calendar depends on his or her needs and preferences. We selected some nicely designed calendars by Korean based designers.


1. Everyday Daily Calendar (일력) by Ordinary People Seoul

Ordinary People Seoul is a design studio based in Seoul, Korea. For 2015, they designed a Daily Calendar which represents the vintage item that so many Koreans remember from the 90’s. The calendar hangs on the wall and you tear a page out everyday. Daily calendars’ popularity has declined with the onset of electronic calendars and more personalized planners/diaries. With hopes for gathering more attention to the physical object, Ordinary People have decided to create the calendar with a bit of a twist. This means they individually designed all 365 pages of it.

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2. Calendar designed every year with An, Samryeol Font.

An, Samreyol is a Type designer based in Seoul, Korea. His calendars are made every year and are known for his clean and sophisticated descriptions. This beautiful calendar solely utilizes a font that he himself designed. The calendar comes in a long envelope and you can read a line of poetic Korean quotes as you turn the pages. The calendar is available at Samson Paper Gallery.


image source_Samwon Paper Gallery Facebook




3. Mono Calendar by 5unday

5unday is a design and illustration studio based in Seoul, Korea. Their calendar consists of illustrated roman numerals illustrated with black illusionistic lines and forms. If you are into patterns and optical art check these calendars out. Available at 29cm.co.kr


  • Soo Kim